Hence, it cannot occur as a moral act unless both spouses will it. Thus, trying to end sexual harassment while tolerating other immodesty in interpersonal relations sets too low a standard. Here let us focus on three fundamental truths about sexuality stressed throughout the Christian tradition; 1 that marriage is the proper arena for sexual activity; 2 that marriages must be faithful for the love of spouses to thrive; and 3 that children are a great gift to spouses. An illuminating commentary on the relationship between charity and chastity in St. Some of the language is rather crude and--but it's not anything you don't hear nightly on T.
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Discovering Better Sex in Christian Marriage

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The Erosion of Marriage

According to a poll of Christian married men, 83 percent stated that they don't believe that women understand a man's sex drive. For example, kissing and embracing plainly are not always the same sorts of behavior but differ insofar as they involve different amounts and intensities of bodily contact. In a certain sense, Christian morality--especially in regard to sexual morality--is quite similar to natural morality or common sense morality. Insofar as desire for bodily union motivates them, however, they violate human dignity in a unique way by putting human and animal bodies on the same level. Many acts that appear to meet the other criteria must be excluded inasmuch as they do not meet this one. And insofar as virtue remains imperfect, no constant emotional motive opposes the satisfaction of nonintegrated sexual desire. Another implication of the cursing of the ground is the disruption that took place between man and nature see Rom.
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Acts Dialog: Denial of Sex Within Christian Marriage--a Sin

While experiencing a temptation, one should not try to get rid of it by praying about it, since that keeps it alive. Sexual mating contributes to an intelligible good, which fulfills persons, only insofar as it is one element of the complete communion by which a man and a woman become, as it were, one person. Thus, when abstinence from intercourse is appropriate, married couples sometimes rightly express and foster their affection by sexually stimulating interaction. Therefore, when either spouse wills that the act not be open to new life and the other knows it, he or she cannot cooperate without participating in a nonmarital act. Such arrangements are somewhat like polygyny and impose similar disadvantages on the wife and children. In a Christian marriage, in fact, three are married; and the united loyalty of the two toward the third, who is God, keeps the two in an active unity with each other as well as with God.
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I am speaking about the kind of preparation which we must do for ourselves for many years before we enter marriage. Hence, so-called trial marriage is self-defeating and unreasonable. Similar behavior not only can carry out very different intentions but also can have different effects on different people, or even on the same person under different conditions. Sometimes I find things to do around the house, hoping that he'll fall asleep before I'm ready for bed. If a sin grave in kind admits parvity, that must have a cause.
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